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How to Track Your Passport Seva Application and Find Your Passport Status

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While Passport Seva provides a much faster, more efficient way to get your passport, India residents should keep on top of any changes to their passport status in order to avoid mistakes and delays. Your passport status on Passport Seva is simple to check. It is also constantly updated in real time so you know what stage the application process is in as well as if you need to provide any further information or documentation as soon as possible.

How to Find Your Passport Status on Passport Seva

After you have filled out your online application on the Passport Seva website, you will be given a 15-digit alphanumeric (i.e. containing both letters and numbers) file code on your Letter of Acknowledgment. Your Letter of Acknowledgment is the piece of paper you received as you exited the PSK or it was emailed to you if you completed your application online. If you have not received this letter and/or this code, contact the Passport Seva customer service on the homepage of the website using the CONTACT US drop down menu. There may have been an error.

On your Letter of Acknowledgment, look for the alphanumeric code that is assigned to represent your specific application. This code is used to rapidly identify your passport status and prevent delays. The code will appear at the top of the letter after your applicant name, on the right hand side, directly below the barcode. It will be listed after the words “File Number:” Copy this code and then visit the Passport Seva website.

passport seva homepageOnce You are On Passport Seva

When you get to the Passport Seva homepage, look for the blue box in the middle of the site that is labeled “Apply.” In this box, you have four choices:

  1. Existing User Login
  2. New User Register Now
  3. Application Status Track Application
  4. Appointment Status Check Availability

Choose the third option, Application Status: Track Application. Click to continue and then look at the three options under the Track Application Status Headline:

  1. Application Status
  2. RTI Status
  3. Diplomatic Official Application Status

Choose the appropriate option for the type of Passport Seva application you filled out (if you don’t know, choose option number one, Application Status). You simply click on the circle to the left of your option and a black dot will appear in the circle indicating your choice.

Entering Your Passport Seva File Name

After you have selected the proper option for your passport India application status tracker, enter your File Number in the appropriate box, followed by the date of birth for the person whose application you are tracking. If it is your application, enter your date of birth. If it is for a child, spouse or relative, enter their date of birth as it coincides with the File Number from the Letter of Acknowledgment.

After you have entered this information, double check to make sure it is correct and then click on the “Track” button. If all of the information you entered is correct, you will see a Status Tracker page next. This page contains the information you are looking for about your passport status.

It should display:

  • Your File Number
  • Your Given Name
  • Your Surname
  • The date on which your application was received
  • Your passport status

Your passport status will differ depending on the stage of the process your application is in. You might see things like: Application Submitted; Processing; an error message with detailed instructions; Police Clearance Certificate has been issued; Police Clearance Certificate has been printed successfully on 01/01/14 (or whatever the date was it was printed).

What If I Can’t Find My Passport Seva Passport Status?

If you need any additional information about your passport status or if you have any questions, you should then call Passport Seva at their national call centre hotline, 1-800-258-1800. Here, a Passport Seva professional will be able to answer any additional questions about your passport status as well as help clear up any issues or errors you may have.

Remember, the passport process differs for everyone and depends on the amount of passport applications in the system, the time of year, your information and other factors. Be patient yet vigilant and your passport for India residents will be processed shortly. For more information on the Passport Seva application process, goto right now.

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